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After 6 years in business, The Mattress Discounter has carved out a niche in the Burlington mattress market. It seems that you can buy a mattress anywhere now and most retailers offer a perpetual "sale on mattresses". It seems the big guys are pushing these constantly and with the high prices they charge, we feel that customers are being fooled.

At The Mattress Discounter, we always go back to customer SERVICE. With all of the different materials and technologies available in today's market, consumers get confused with the different types of mattresses to choose from. We aim to educate and inform our customers about the quality of raw materials manufacturer's use, which in turn dictates the price point of the finished mattress.

We created a program called "beducate" which explains mattress construction, performance and typical consumer profiles. This allows the customer to feel confident about all of the facts they may not have known in previous purchasing experiences. We are a NO PRESSURE consultative environment.

We will tell you that while one product may look like another product, you are either buying the branding or a cheap knock-off. "Your mattress is like your hair cut, it has to feel right to you and that is what matters most". Pushy salesepeople at big box retailers and department stores are trained to upsell you to gain more commission on promoted products. Consumers can also get caught up in "speeds and feeds" pertaining to material specifications. We will make sure you get the best product for the best price.

At The Mattress Discounter, we can also make appointments so we can cater to customers when it is convenient for them. This way, we assist more people in an efficient manner and we get more positive customer referrals. This is how we can keep our pricing lower, since we have only 2 employees and a small but efficient showroom. Our marketing costs are virtually zero and we turn our inventory immediately preventing expensive carrying costs or losses on returns.

We can provide local delivery and can take away old mattresses*. Customers have told us our delivery is "faster than ordering a pizza". We like to be in and out of customer's homes quickly to let them get on with their busy schedules.

We try to schedule your appointment so that you can meet with us same day and even deliver your new mattress same day or next day. Your overall experience will be worth your time to schedule an appointment!

We know that 65% of mattress purchases are made when people are moving, and the average queen mattress price is $899. We offer the best selection in this range that start at only $320 and go to the $1,000 mark. Of course we offer more expensive products, but by keeping our targeted customers coming in, we can offer the same discounts across all offerings!

We source directly from the same manufacturer's who supply the fancy labelled brands in other stores. We can get any size mattress from single, twin, double,3/4, queen, king or california king. We can offer low and high profile box springs, split queen box springs andelectric adjustable beds. We offer open coil, continuous coil, pocket coil and combinations of latex foam and memory foam in almost all configurations. We can even get a custom bed built for you!

We specialize in visco elastic memory foam products (pillows, toppers) and even offer our own "Memory-O- Pedic" brand mattress. Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars over highly marketed brands. We source the best memory foam products from Canada and the USA. We have imported foam products which are very inexpensive as well. We will assist you in every way until you find the right combination of memory foam construction for your needs.


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